OPC Web Studio Features

Easy to Use
OPC Web Studio allows users to connect to OLE for Process Control (OPC) -compliant systems and insert OPC server data into a Web page via graphical browsing for OPC items. No programming is required – using OPC Web Studio is as simple as using word processing software. This familiarity allows all plant personnel to publish and read OPC data from devices with point-and-click ease.

OPC Compatibility
OPC Web Studio supports OPC Data Access Standards 1.0 and later and OPC Web Services. It operates with any local or remote OPC server.  

Read and Write OPC Server Data  
OPC Web Studio provides one-click access to read and write OPC server data.   Data may be presented as a numerical value or as a chart or graph. Display HMI, process diagrams and live trending  

Multi-OPC Server Support   OPC Web Studio can collect data from different OPC servers at the same time.    

Visual Studio Compatibility
Visual Studio ASP.Net can be used to customize OPC Web Studio. .Net source code is included with the enterprise version.  

Firewall Friendly 
 Data publishing or access not limited by firewalls.  

Access to the Web page is password protected and could be published over Secure HTTP.  

Requires no Software Installation on the Client Side 
 Users publish and access data through a Web browser without installing any extra programs such as ActiveX or Java.  

Customization Available  
Customization services are available for creating OPC Web applications or new OPC Web Studio controls. Contact us for more information.    

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