OPC Web Studio

 Resolvica’s OPC Web Studio provides the ability to present real-time OLE for Process Control (OPC) data on a Web page over the Internet or an intranet on any device with a Web browser, such as desktops, notebooks, cell phones, and pocket PCs.

OPC Web Studio supports OPC Data Access Standards 1.0 and later. OPC Web Studio allows end users to browse, add, read and write OPC data items via the Web. Sites can be limited to read-only access if desired, preventing unintended data input. The data can be viewed as numerical values or transformed into charts or graphs as the user designates.

No programming ability is required. Using OPC Web Studio is as simple as using a word processing program.

Within minutes of installation the user can design and publish OPC-informed Web pages. With OPC Web Studio, values published by any OPC server can be graphed, trended and analyzed in real time using the Web. OPC Web Studio provides a seamless interface from any OPC compliant server to the Web.

  • Allows quick and familiar access to real-time data
  • Harnesses the power of the Web for instant reporting and analysis, locally or worldwide
  • Supports OPC data access standards


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