OPCEx Excel Add-In

Resolvica OPCEx Microsoft Excel Add-In for Windows provides an easy way to access real-time data originating from any OLE for Process Control (OPC) server. OPCEx makes it easy to provide OPC data to Excel workbooks. OPCEx supports OPC Data Access Standards 1.0 and 2.0. OPCEx allows end users to browse, add, read and write OPC data items via Microsoft Excel.

With Resolvica OPCEx, values published by any OPC server can be logged, graphed, trended and analyzed in real time using Excel. OPCEx allows mapping of multiple variables, mapping to multiple OPC servers, as well as writing OPC data items to a device connected to the server. OPCEx provides a seamless interface from any OPC compliant server to Excel.

  • Allows quick and familiar access to real-time data
  • Harnesses the power of Excel for reporting and analysis
  • OPC data access standards
  • Excel OPC Data with OPCEx!
  • OPC Excel Bridge

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