OPCEx Excel Add-in Feature Films

Bellow you will find out Feature and tutorial films which will demonstrate the power of OPCEx without the need to install it. 
The playback controls are displayed at the bottom of the page.
You will use these controls to control basic playback tasks such as playing, pausing, stopping video files

OPCEx Multi Media Feature Movies

OPCEx Multi Media Tutorials

Read Item

OPCEx Excel Add-In provides one-click access to read OPC server data.

Creating a Real Time Chart Recorder

OPCEx Excel Add-In provides an easy way to create charts containing OPC server data by inserting the changed values into the next cell.

Read Write Array Type

OPCEx supports OPC array data type. Array type items can be read from an OPC server and written to an OPC server.

Write item

OPCEx Excel Add-In provides one-click access to write OPC server data.OPCEx can collect data from different OPC servers at the same time

Emerson Process Asset Management Solutions Drag and Drop Support

OPCEx Excel Add-In provides an easy way to add OPC data from Emerson Process Asset Management Solutions by dragging and dropping the devices

Configuration Management

Data can be put manually into Excel cells or read from the OPC server and saved in an Excel worksheet, then written back to the device via the OPC server when the device needs to be reconfigured.

Adding Multiple items

OPCEx allows users to add multiple devices at one time by clicking on a device and choosing all the devices associated with the selected device.

Trigger-Based Updates

OPC item values can be set to update whenever the trigger condition is satisfied. This feature allows data to be recorded only when trigger conditions are met, such as alarms.

Writing Cells to Database

OPCEx allows users to write cells to a database fields so that anytime the cell value changes, that values will be written to that fields in the database. A new record can be created to hold the new value, or else the new value can always be written to the last record entered in the database..

Writing Cells to MS SQL Database

Writing Cells to MS Access Database

Writing Cells to MySQL Database

Create MySQL ODBC Source


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